Trump-loving pastor: If Mike Pence doesn't overturn election, it's  because Dems have blackmail pictures of VP
Mike Pence (Shutterstock)
Trump-loving megachurch pastor Greg Locke says if Vice President Mike Pence doesn't somehow overturn the presidential election on Wednesday (which he can't do), it means that Democrats must have blackmail photos of the vice president. Locke, the radical right-wing leader of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, is among those scheduled to speech at Trump's "March to Save America" rally in Washington on Wednesday. "Mike Pence is about to show his true colors in this nation," Locke said this week during his Sunday sermon, in a clip posted by Right Wing Watch. "He's a principled guy — I thought. This joker may turn out to be one of the worst RINOs we've seen. I know you think I'm crazy right now, but you watch.  Mike Pence ain't got but two plays. He ain't got but two plays, and he's either going to try to bring down the whole house of cards, or he's going to bow out gracefully, because you'll be shocked how many of them Democrats don't have those people on their side, but they got pictures. You better be careful what you've been searching on the Internet, because someone's gonna blackmail you one day." Right Wing Watch reports that Locke also claimed during his sermon that in 2021, God will "dethrone" House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, destroy the state of New York, remove California Gov. Gavin Newsom from power and expose the Clinton’s supposed involvement in “pedophile sex-trafficking rings.” Watch below.