Pennsylvania school board bans Critical Race Theory by passing ‘Patriotism Amendment’
Photo of school board members via Mars Area School Board website

The Mars Area, Pennsylvania School Board voted unanimously to pass a "Patriotism Amendment" to the district's mission statement Tuesday night in a move that is designed to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

The new statement adds to the district's mission to promote “Informed, Engaged and Patriotic Citizens," as the Cranberry Eagle reports.

The addition prohibits “the teaching of concepts that assign fault, blame, or guilt to people solely because of race, sex and religion," and opposes materials that “indoctrinate" students in “a single social, or political, ideology and/or theory, or promote one race, religion or sex above others."

Now also banned is any teaching of the 1619 Project, and any conspiracy theories.

“Patriotism is not controversial. Period," board member Dayle Ferguson, who introduced the "Patriotism Amendment," said, WESA reports.

According to the school board's agenda the amendment to the mission statement was passed by waiving the 30-day review period.

The amendment passed 7-0, with two members absent.

Video of the meeting below: