Peter Navarro goes for the cash after arrest: 'I need everybody in America to buy my book on Amazon today'
Peter Navarro (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

Peter Navarro, the former Trump White House aide who on Friday morning was arrested, handcuffed, and indicted on contempt of Congress charges, appeared outside a federal courthouse after his arraignment Friday afternoon and urged people to buy his book.

Defiant, disrespectful, and disheveled, Navarro called the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack a "kangaroo committee."

He then pivoted, declaring, "I need everybody in America to buy [my] book on Amazon today. That is for two reasons: One, that's going to be my legal defense fund – these people are coming at me hard – and number two, that book is about why we need to take back the House of Representatives from the kangaroos on Capitol Hill."

Also outside the federal courthouse, as well as during his arraignment, Navarro announced he would be defending himself, which calls into question the need for a legal defense fund, or certainly a large one. He himself declares, "I do not want to spend several hundred thousand dollars on lawyers."