Pro-Trump MAGA protestors wave obscene ‘F’ Biden signs ahead of President’s Michigan speech
Joe Biden (Brendan Smialowski AFP/File)

Patches of Trump supporters lined the highway as President Joe Biden's motorcade made its way on M-59 to Howell, Michigan after Air Force One landed at 2:23 PM local time. They waved false flags declaring "Trump Won," and others saying "Fuck Biden." Videos posted by reporters, along with local news reports, show the obscene signs were not a rarity among the MAGAites.

Reuters' Jarrett Renshaw reports he saw "at least a dozen signs that read “F#%# Joe Biden."

Michigan's MLive reporter for social policy and politics, Malachi Barrett, says the protests were organized by Meshawn Maddock, Co-Chair Michigan Republican Party. Meshawn Maddock and her husband, state Rep. Matt Maddock, according to one local paper, have "radicalized" Michigan's GOP "and emboldened insurrectionists."

More photos and videos:

Of course, many came out to support President Biden.

"I'm here to support President Biden and his policies," Tammy Sexton told Livingston Daily. "I care deeply about people and want to make sure everyone here is safe. I'm here in case something happens. I want to be there to help people if I need to, to keep people safe."

Henrietta Torrio showed up to support Biden's plan and protest Trump. She wore a Trump mask altered with gold teeth.

"I'm an electrical engineer and I'm ready to build it back better. America is ready to be better. We have better people in office now, and honesty and dignity has been brought back to the White House," Torrio said.