Reports reveals devastating divide between vaccinated and unvaccinated
Vaccination (AFP)

A just-released NBC News poll reveals just how wide the divide is between those who have chosen to be vaccinated against coronavirus and those who refuse.

Last week powerful Texas Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick blamed the Lone Star State's poor vaccination rate on unvaccinated Black people, who he noted tend to vote for Democrats over Republicans.

NBC News' poll proves that wrong. The results of those who say they are vaccinated and those who say they are not may not be surprising, but the gulf between these groups is huge.

The top two groups who are vaccinated are those who voted for President Biden (91%) and Democrats and Democratic Sanders-Warren voters tied at 88%.

The bottom two groups are Republicans who support Trump more than party at 46%, and Trump voters in 2020 general election at 50%.

Overall, 69 percent of adults say they've been vaccinated, and 13% say they refuse under any circumstances.

Getting back to Lt. Governor Patrick's claim, 76% of Black Americans are vaccinated, 71% of Latino Americans are vaccinated, and 66% of White Americans are vaccinated.

NBC News senior political editor Mark Murray offers some more of the breakdown: