'Tragically nutty' Ron DeSantis hammered by Florida mayor for letting people die 'just to show off to this base'
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (screengrab)

Miami Beach mayor Dan Gelber ripped Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) Tuesday night after another day of high COVID-19 infections in the state of Florida.

Tuesday marks the third straight day in a row where the Sunshine State broke hospitalization records, and they now have more people in the hospital with COVID than they had at any time in 2020.

Speaking to CNN's Chris Cuomo, Gelber explained that it's clear that there is a huge difference: Despite the vaccinations in the state, the unvaccinated population isn't shrinking the way that it should.

Gelber laid blame for this right at the governor's feet.

"First of all, the governor needs to own up to the judgment," said Gelber. "Nobody is accusing him of not doing the things he's supposed to. He's made that part of his campaign. I mean, he has prevented us from implementing mask mandates, he's made vaccine passports illegal for folks like the cruise industry, private sector groups that want to make their customers safer. He regularly, as part of his campaign, ridicules the CDC, Dr. Fauci. I think he needs to own up to what he's doing, which is basically to do everything the opposite of what local government is doing, like me, which is trying to get our residents to first get vaccinated but also to wear masks now that the CDC says that they should inside."

Gelber went on to say that he thinks the governor has simply accepted that there will be people who die as a result of his "brazen political decision ... he's doing in order to gain some political advantage."

"And it really is sort of nutty too -- tragically nutty in a sense that -- you know, I have a kid in high school," he explained. "I want the local school board to decide whether he and his classmates have to wear masks. He's been vaccinated but others may not be. And the point is that the governor has just decided as a show of, really, just to show off to this base that he's currying favor with that he's going to just stop all local officials from having any impact on this."

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