Conservative pundit slammed after saying liberals 'never understood how funny' Rush Limbaugh was
Rush Limbaugh appears on Fox News (screen grab)

"Wildly Entertaining"

Rich Lowry, the editor of the right wing website National Review, thinks liberals should take another look at Rush Limbaugh before passing judgment on his life, now that the 70-year old purveyor of hate has died.

Lowry, a frequent guest on NBC News' "Meet the Press," in 2019 wrote The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free. The book has been panned by knowledgable critics. A Washington Post review said it was "urging Republicans to embrace Trump's worldview and 'thoughtfully integrate his nationalism into the party's orthodoxy.'" Donald Trump has been called a racist, a supporter of white nationalism by some, and a white supremacist by some others.

So has Rush Limbaugh.

But to Lowry, Limbaugh deserves to been seen in his entirety, so, racism, white nationalism, and white supremacism sandwiched between laugh lines, apparently. Along with heaping servings of misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, and other hateful beliefs.

"Liberals who didn't listen to Rush, and just read the Media Matters accounts, never understood how *funny* he was," Lowry tweeted Wednesday afternoon. "What set him off from his many imitators was how wildly entertaining he was, and the absolutely unbreakable bond he formed with his listeners."

His remarks were not well-accepted.