Russia's war on Ukraine: Day seven situation on the ground
Kharkiv is under attack Sergey BOBOK AFP

On the seventh day of fighting in Ukraine Wednesday, Russia claims control of the southern port city of Kherson, street battles rage in Ukraine's second-biggest city Kharkiv, and Kyiv braces for a feared Russian assault.

Here is a summary of the situation on the ground, based on statements from the sides, Western defense and intelligence sources and international organizations.

The military situation:

- Russia says it has taken "full control" of Kherson, a port city on the Black Sea.

- Kherson's mayor says "We are still Ukraine. Still firm".

- Ukraine says Russian paratroopers also landed in Kharkiv, Ukraine's second city.

- There is fighting in the streets of Kharkiv, Ukraine's army says.

- Emergency services report four dead, nine wounded in Kharkiv shelling.

- AFP witnesses see rocket damage to security, police and university buildings in Kharkiv.

- Russia steps up bombing of Ukraine's cities, including west and south of Kyiv.

- With Western observers noticing a Russian military column outside Kyiv, the capital remains braced for a possible assault.

- Spain is the latest country to announce supply of "military hardware" to Ukraine.

The military toll

- Ukraine claims 5,840 Russian soldiers have lost their lives in the conflict so far, a claim which cannot be verified.

- Russia acknowledges that it has sustained losses, but so far has given no figures.

- According to the Russian defense ministry, its forces have destroyed over 1,500 Ukrainian military elements including 58 planes, 46 drones and 472 tanks.

- Ukraine denies suffering military losses on this scale.

The humanitarian toll

- Tuesday's Russian attack on a Kyiv TV tower killed 5, Ukraine says.

- More than 350 civilians have died in the conflict so far, including 14 children, Ukraine says.

- UN says nearly 836,000 people have fled conflict.

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