‘Shot my child in his head’: Mother of 11-year-old boy fatally shot by 9 year old at Dallas Walmart speaks out
Dazmon Ray Brown Jr (Screen Grab)

Tragic details are emerging from Sunday's fatal shooting of an 11-year old boy by a 9-year old boy while the children and another 11-year old friend were left in a car at a Dallas Walmart. The mother of the other 11-year old, who is not the victim, reportedly left the three children in the car to go into the store.

The 9-year old, according to reports, found a gun and shot one of the 11-year olds. KDFW reports the victim was Dazmon Ray Brown Jr. (photo).

His grieving mother, Keyamber Matlock, says, "The youngest brother I guess ended up getting it off the safety and shot my child in his head."

Dallas Police have not released any details and have not said if charges against the woman who left the children in the car will be filed.

Attorney and former prosecutor Russel Wilson, who is not involved in the case, "says the mom who left the kids in the car could face a charge of making a firearm accessible to a child or child endangerment if she knew a gun was in there. But given the magnitude of the tragedy, he's unsure if charges will be brought forward."

Matlock and Dazmon's aunt, Theresa Edwards, "want people to pray for the child who shot their loved one as well as that child's family," KDFW reports.

"Because I know they feel like everybody hate them," Matlock said.

Edwards adds, "there's also a child that's hurting, too."