Trump is 'intrigued' by challenging Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House in 2023: report
Gage Skidmore

The Speaker of the House of Representatives does not need to be a member of Congress and that fact reportedly intrigues former President Donald Trump.

"One adviser said some have urged Trump to withhold his support for McCarthy to be the next speaker of the House if Republicans retake the chamber in 2022, and the former president has appeared intrigued by the idea," The Washington Post reported Friday.

"Why not focus on the biggest, brightest brass ring in politics and the Republican Party between now and 2024, which is who should be speaker when, with Donald Trump's help, Republicans take the House?" the advisor said.

Other advisors don't know if Trump could pull it off.

"Others close to both Trump and McCarthy, however, said they believe Trump will ultimately have little choice but to support McCarthy for speaker should Republicans regain the House," the newspaper reported.