Ted Cruz faces backlash after making 'propaganda video' at the US-Mexico border
Senator Ted Cruz (Gage Skidmore)

On Friday morning, July 15, far-right Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tweeted a melodramatic video that showed him in the dead of night in the Rio Grande Valley near the U.S./Mexico border — where he carried on about illegal immigration and human trafficking. Cruz stressed that many of the people crossing the border illegally were children and made it clear that he blames President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

“This is not humane,” Cruz declared in the video. “What monster would allow policies that result in seven-year-old girls being handed over to human traffickers?.... This is wrong, and we can’t keep ignoring it.”

After Cruz tweeted the video, Twitter users began to bombard him with negative comments. Fantasy Politics’ Alan Cosgrove, @fantasypolitics, posted, “I hope you paid the production crew that helped you make your little propaganda video time and a half for working such late hours.”

C.J. Singh, @Cjsingh, slammed Cruz’s video as devoid of solutions, posting, “Good sensational journalism senator. Now do you have any solutions or is this just for propaganda and votes?”

@PoliticOhMyGawd mocked Cruz’s response to the power blackout that plagued Texas during a cold snap in February 2021, when Cruz was widely criticized for heading to Cancun, Mexico for a vacation during that crisis. The Twitter user posted, “This video looks like half your Texas constituents sitting in the dark while you’re off doing cosplay, Rafael.” And @PoliticOhMyGawd wasn’t the only one who brought that up.

@NeuralWave wrote, “You fled to Mexico during power outage in Texas, It seems that you acknowledge the safety of Mexico.” And @bravo17271727 complained, “Ted they can’t afford to fly to the US; like you did, when Texas was in a hopeless situation.”

Another scathing tweet came from @cjrushing54, who posted, “Way to lend a hand, Ted. Your solutions to this problem number in the zeros.”

Cruz, however, did not stop with the video that generated the backlash. The senator shortly thereafter tweeted a second clip in which he continued to rant about Democrats in the dead of night near the U.S./Mexico border.

"Why are there no Democrat senators down here? Do they not care about the children being assaulted because of Joe Biden’s policies? Where’s Joe Biden? He’s the one causing this suffering. Where’s Kamala Harris?” Cruz complained.