Texas governor slammed for 'grotesque hypocrisy' after banning businesses from asking for 'vaccine info'
Texas Governor Greg Abbott. (AFP)

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott is being highly criticized after promising to sign a law to ban businesses from asking for any "vaccine information," including banning "vaccine passports."

Abbott, who is running for re-election, facing a possible primary challenge from the state GOP chairman, is underwater in his favorability ratings: 45% unfavorable to 43% favorable.

On Monday, attacked by an editor at Glenn Beck's The Blaze for allowing Carnival Cruise Lines "to sail out of Galveston and push vaccine passports," Abbott replied less than two hours later: "I'm signing a law today that prohibits any business operating in Texas from requiring vaccine passports or any vaccine information."

"Texas is open 100% without any restrictions or limitations or requirements," he bragged.

Many pointed out that banning vaccine passports or even asking about inoculation status is a governmental restriction or requirement, and businesses have a right to protect their employees.

"Grotesque hypocrisy," is how former New Yorker writer James Surowiecki characterized Abbott's move.

Many, like this University of Houston professor, invoked comparisons to anti-gay bakeries.

Here's what some others are saying: