Critics warn 'the coup is ongoing' after Trump posts message ‘advocating or predicting civil war’
Donald Trump (AFP)

Critics are expressing anger and issuing warnings after Donald Trump, the former president, posted a message over the weekend on his own social media platform that well-known attorney George Conway described as "advocating or predicting civil war in the United States."

Fox Nation propagandist and antisemitic conspiracy theorist Lara Logan had reposted a message from the right-wing "populist" President of El Salvador, that suggests the United States is "falling so fast" due to an "enemy" within.

A pro-Trump account on Trump's Truth Social platform then commented "Civil War."

Trump reposted that message.

"Nothing to see here," George Conway wrote on Twitter. "Just a former president of the United States sharing a social media post advocating or predicting civil war in the United States. No biggie."

Former GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman, a former National Security Agency contractor who calls himself a "Disinfo Hunter" commented: "Trump mirrors his base. Pay attention."

GOP U.S. Congressman Adam Kinzinger:

"Tell me how ... he has never egged on violence again?" asked Amanda Carpenter, a columnist at The Bulwark.

Veteran foreign correspondent and sports columnist Robert Lusetich:

"After seeking to overturn his election defeat, the former president is now endorsing the claim that we are in a 'civil war.' Incredibly dangerous," wrote Brendan Nyhan, a political scientist and professor at Dartmouth College. "How long until the next gunman takes him literally and/or seriously? What about the next time he or his party lose another election?"

Attorney, journalist, SiriusXM host, and frequent cable news contributor Dean Obeidallah writes, "Trump's suggestion of a Civil War appears to forget that on Jan 6 he and his forces tried that and FAILED. But the fact Trump can call for a civil war today is only possible because DOJ has still not prosecuted Trump--despite it being 502 days since Jan 6!"

Political commentator Lindy Li: