'This is insane': Ex-GOP insider slams Republicans
Donald Trump at the Elysee Palace. (Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock.com)

Although conservative pundit Tim Miller is a former Republican insider, he has since become a blistering critic of the party he once belonged to — a party he believes that Donald Trump and the MAGA movement have turned into a hotbed of hatred and authoritarian extremism. Miller, in a scathing yet humorous video for the conservative website The Bulwark, lays out some examples of MAGA Republicans attacking so many of the constitutional ideals they once espoused.

Miller opens the video, posted in December, by noting that Trump recently called for the U.S. Constitution to be suspended “so he can be installed as an unelected dictator.”

“This is insane,” Miller tells viewers. “For all the flaws of our other politicians, nobody in either party in my lifetime or my parents’ lifetime had proposed something as fundamentally un-American and radical as that. And it comes on the heels of his dinner with manic Nazi Kanye (West) and America’s leading virgin incel white nationalist livestreamer, Nick Fuentes.”

Miller, in the video, inserts a clip of Fuentes calling for the U.S. to “stop having elections” and enforce “Taliban rule in America in a good way.” Although Fuentes is not an Islamist, he believes the U.S. should become a full-fledged theocracy — only with a severe form of Catholicism instead of radical Islam and Shariah law. The Catholicism that Fuentes admires isn’t Catholicism as practiced by President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Sister Mary Scullion (a liberal activist in Philadelphia), but Catholicism as practiced by the Spanish Inquisition.

Miller goes on to slam all the Republicans who still refuse to criticize Trump or rule out the possibility of supporting him in the 2024 election.

“So, when it comes to what to do about Trump now, you’d think this would be a layup for my former conservative pals,” Miller argues. “I mean, is it that hard to say, ‘Having dinner with Nazis and proposing that we shred the Constitution is a dealbreaker?’ That it’s time to terminate this guy’s bul****t? Hasta la vista, baby? Apparently so.”

Miller makes his point by including a clip of Rep. Dave Joyce of Ohio being interviewed by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, who asks, “Can you support a candidate, in 2024, who’s for suspending the Constitution?” And Joyce responds, “I will support whoever the Republican nominee is.”

Miller comments, “Being pro-Constitution and anti-Nazi-dinner is too big of a political risk? Is that really where the Republican Party is right now? This is the exact type of thinking that caused Republicans widespread losses in the midterms. They didn’t stand up to Trump, nominated a bunch of election-denying freaks who got their ass kicked. Case in point: the faceplant from Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate runoff this week.”

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