'This is nonsense': CNN fact checker shreds viral video claiming US soldiers will quit en masse due to vax mandates

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale has debunked a viral video making false claims of mass walkouts by active duty service members who are refusing to get vaccinated.

In the video, a bald man with sunglasses said that said he learned of mass walkouts by members of the military from his father.

The man, wearing a T-shirt with an upside down American flag, claimed that the Secretary of Defense sent a text-message to everyone on active duty saying "by 10 AM you have to go get the magic potion or you're going to get court marshaled."

The man claimed twelve F-22 pilots walked off the job in response.

"The military is being compromised at a rapid rate and with the F-22s grounded, you can kiss Taiwan goodbye," he said.

He added that is claims are "probably not being covered anywhere in the media, I'm sure it's blocked or censored by all the bullsh*t that goes on here."

CNN's Dale did cover his claims and discovered they have absolutely no basis in reality.

"This viral video is nonsense. It begins with a bonkers claim that the Secretary of Defense sent a text to all active military demanding they get vaccinated by 10 AM the next day. There was no such text. Also, the military's actual vaccination deadlines begin in November," Dale noted.

A Pentagon spokesperson said that the Defense Secretary, "has never sent any kind of force-wide text message" and that "we have no awareness of any kind of Air Force pilot walk-off."

Here is the thread Dale posted to Twitter:

Here is the video: