‘This whole thing is fake’: Former DOJ counsel blows Trump’s bogus ‘Spygate’ conspiracy to pieces
Donald Trump (ABC/screen grab)

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin on Wednesday slammed Trump defender Ken Cuccinelli for engaging in what he said was a bogus attempt to discredit anyone who might hold President Donald Trump accountable.

In particular, Toobin, who is a former Department of Justice counsel, said that Trump's so-called "Spygate" conspiracy was just the latest failed attempt by the president to discredit the origins of the Mueller probe.

"This is a constant moving of the goalposts to make the FBI look sinister," Toobin said. "Every time someone clears the FBI and says this investigation was appropriate, well, no, that is not really the question. It's a different question. This whole thing is fake. This is all designed by Donald Trump and Devin Nunes to discredit whatever Mueller comes up with."

Toobin also knocked Trump for reportedly asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to rescind his recusal of being involved in the Russia probe, which he said was more evidence that Trump wanted a "sinister" lawyer to defend him from all legal jeopardy such as a Roy Cohn.

"The issue of whether the president used his power to interfere with and obstruct an investigation of him and his campaign is at the heart of the Mueller inquiry," he said. "Whether that — you know, whether this meeting is further evidence of that -- is obviously something that Mueller should look into and apparently is."

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