Justin Trudeau to appear -- but not compete -- on Drag Race reality TV
Justin Trudeau (Facebook)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will make a guest appearance on reality TV show "Drag Race," it was announced Tuesday, though some viewers may be disappointed he will not compete as one of the cross-dressing contestants.

The Canadian show is among a dozen international versions of the original American series "RuPaul's Drag Race" that has inspired spin-offs including "Canada's Drag Race: Canada vs. the World."

"The prime minister's visit marks the first time a world leader has made an appearance on a Drag Race franchise," local broadcaster Bell Media said in a statement.

Publicist Ama Sechere told AFP that on the show Trudeau "talks to the queens about Canada's inclusivity and offers his support to Canadian competitors going up against international queens," whom he welcomes to Canada.

Contestants are given different challenges each week to test their drag performance skills, which are judged by a panel, and share with the audience their personal struggles and successes.

In a series trailer, Trudeau is shown being introduced as a surprise guest by host and judge Brooke Lynn Hytes, who is clad in a sparkling black gown.

The room explodes in audience screams as Trudeau comes out on stage with a broad smile, wearing a buttoned-down shirt with sleeves rolled up and a tie.

The show premieres on November 18 in Canada on Bell's streaming service Crave. Dates for screenings abroad have yet to be announced.

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