Trump aide returning to school and driving for Uber after being shut out of job interviews: report
Donald Trump speaks from the Oval Office at The White House (Fox News/screen grab)

On MSNBC Saturday, former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman said that some of the aides still working in the administration are crippled by the inability to find work — and that one staffer she knows will be forced to go back to grad school and drive for Uber on the side to get by.

"This same report that I was citing earlier, it also details how no one on the White House staff has any fight left in them," said anchor Alex Witt. "I mean, it's just gone. What are you hearing about the mood there these final days?"

"Yeah, they're certainly demoralized," said Omarosa. "I've done a couple of references for these really young kids who started as interns under us during the campaign, and now they're trying to go to grad school because they can't find a job. One of them told me he's going back home to New York City and probably going to Uber while he tries to get into grad school."

"Wait, what?" said Witt. "Somebody who worked in the White House — they're not able to get jobs. Some of them going to grad school, nothing wrong with that, that's always a good investment. But really? They're having trouble getting jobs? Because they were associated with this administration?"

"Yeah," said Omarosa. "Right now, Donald Trump has made everyone in that White House, in that administration, radioactive, no one wants to touch them. So yes, he's going to Uber until he finds something else. But no one has been biting. He's been putting in resumes for about three and a half months and can't find anything."

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