Trump privately fears he's losing his grip on the GOP: report
Donald Trump (AFP)

As January 6 approaches, President Donald Trump is doing all that he can to sow more seeds of chaos in a desperate attempt to maintain his grip on the Republican Party.

Publicly, Trump continues to post dangerous and unhinged tweets to further push his political agenda, but behind closed doors, sources close to the president have revealed he actually fears his Republican Party influence could be fading, according to The Daily Beast. There are a number of occurrences that may confirm Trump's fears, report found. First, many Republican lawmakers have acknowledged President-elect Joe Biden's election win, despite Trump's refusal to concede. Second, many disregarded calls for $2,000 stimulus checks and the repeal of Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. They seem increasingly willing to ignore the president's demand

An inside source has also detailed some of Trump's grievances:

"Why aren't they just listening [to me]?" one of the sources recalled Trump asking during a diatribe against prominent GOPers who the president felt weren't fighting for him on his current battle lines: from nullifying the 2020 election outcome to torpedoing liability law for Big Tech, to sending out $2,000 checks for COVID-19 relief.

Trump's latest remarks reportedly came during his stay at Mar-a-Lago over the Christmas holiday. The publication reports that those who heard his remarks admitted that it is the closest he has come to facing the grim reality of his ending presidential reign. In public, Trump is "insistent that he was robbed of a re-election victory," but privately, "he has privately groused that too many in his party are acknowledging the reality of his actual loss and showing signs of tiptoeing away from him."

However, the embattled president is still not done with Republican lawmakers. Although his days in the White House are numbered, he is still maintaining a list of Republicans he believes have been disloyal to him as he fights to overturn the election results.

"He is keeping a running [mental] list of Republicans who he believes have wronged him since the election," an inside source close to the president said. "The president certainly wants it out there that he's capable of holding a grudge, and that he has campaigned against [some] Republicans before and could do it again.