Trump just might testify at his impeachment trial because he craves the spotlight: CNN
Donald Trump during HBO interview. (Screenshot)

Reporting that, at this moment, there are not enough Republican senators willing to go on the record admitting they will vote to convict Donald Trump under the articles of impeachment, CNN's Jeff Zeleny said there was also the possibility the former president could return to Washington to testify at his Senate trial.

Speaking with host Abby Philip, the CNN White House correspondent explained, "He is now taking it [impeachment] much more seriously, we're told. He has followed the advice of Senator Lindsay Graham and he's going to retain a South Carolina lawyer who is really -- has never operated on this type of impeachment level. He's done some state impeachment cases, but President Trump is very engaged."

"This impeachment gives Republicans a chance to push him to the side. We'll see if they do it," Zeleny continued. "At least at this point right now on Capitol Hill, Manu Raju and the rest of our team have been surveying Republican senators and there are not 17 Republican senators by any stretch of the imagination to vote for this impeachment."

"What is going to happen here is we're going to see how strong Mr. Trump emerges from the impeachment trial -- he could emerge even stronger and that's a problem at least in the eyes of some Republicans in the years ahead," he stated before suggesting, "He's watching all of this very carefully. What if he decides to come to the Senate and essentially testify in his own defense. How dramatic would that be? He's been out of the spotlight for a while -- he might just love to do that."

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