Even Trump's supporters in Palm Beach aren't looking forward to him living there: 'They don't want the drama'

As President Donald Trump gears up to make the move from the White House to West Palm Beach, some of his future wealthy neighbors in the "extremely Democratic" region won't be welcoming him with open arms, CBS News reports.

"Since the Capitol riots, there has been a real shift in whether or not Mar-a-Lago will continue to be a venue that GOP and conservative groups want to have their events there," Palm Beach Post reporter Christine Stapleton told CBS News. "They may not want to."

In light of a 1993 agreement that prohibits anyone from living permanently at Mar-a-Lago because it is a social club, neighbors are wondering if it will become Trump's permanent home. State attorney for Palm Beach County and Democrat Dave Aronberg says that Trump will make the excuse that he's using the property for political purposes.

"He may say in court that the town and everyone knew that he was living there and never sought to enforce this agreement until now when they started to disagree with his politics," Aronberg said, adding that even Trump's supporters in Palm Beach "don't want the drama" and "the commotion" of Trump living there.

"They like their privacy. They like their quiet. And this will disrupt a lot of things on the island," he said.

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