Trump mocked for crying fraud after close Pennsylvania primary suggests his power is fading
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia)

Former President Donald Trump is facing deep criticism for his latest remarks suggesting voter fraud might now be an issue in Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, May 18, Trump took to Truth Social with a brief statement amid the reporting of midterm elections results in Pennsylvania, a state he has been fiercely focused on while endorsing MAGA-inspired candidates that align with his political interests.

"It makes it much harder for them to cheat with the ballots that they 'just happened to find,'" Trump posted on Wednesday. He also said, "In Pennsylvania, they are unable to count the Mail-In Ballots. It is a BIG MESS. Our Country should go to paper ballots, with same-day voting. Just done in France, zero problems. Get Smart America!!!"

While the former president might believe his actions could create a political storm similar to the post-election legal war he stirred up back in 2020, critics have quickly chimed in with less-than-favorable remarks in response to his latest stunt. SiriusXM radio host and columnist Dean Obeidallah offered a prediction of Trump's antics. "Trump is now getting ready to claim voter fraud in Pennsylvania—in reality, Trump should be getting ready to head to the prison's lunchroom for feeding time."

In a tweet also posted on Wednesday, David Axelrod, a known Democratic strategist who also served as senior adviser to former President Barack Obama, offered a stinging assessment of Trump's remarks describing him as a "one-trick pony."

"Trump, a one-trick pony, is playing the fraud card again, urging Oz to act like a Wizard and just declare himself the winner in PA!" Axelrod tweeted along with a link to a Washington Post article with details about the Pennsylvania election results.

The New Yorker's John Cassidy also weighed in with a critical response. "You can't keep a good seditionist down," Cassidy tweeted along with a link to one of his pieces related to Trump's antics titled, "Trump Brings His Big Lie Playbook to the GOP Primaries."

But despite Trump's antics, political analyst Tom O'Brien noted that even a Trump endorsement didn't help some Republican candidates cross the finish line.

"Trump's 'power' = 1/3 of the vote in a Republican primary," O'Brien tweeted. "Trump couldn't push Oz across the finish line so now he's advising crying fraud." O'Brien also said Trump is an "ongoing threat to democracy" because of his latest remarks.