'Up to no good': Retired 4-star general sounding the alarm over Trump's acting Pentagon chief
Retired four-star U.S. Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey. (Screenshot/CNN)

Four star Army General Barry McCaffrey (Ret.) is sounding the alarm on reports acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller has banned Pentagon brass from holding meetings with Biden transition team officials, leaving career military staff "stunned."

"Pentagon abruptly halts Biden transition—- MAKES NO SENSE. CLAIM THEY ARE OVERWHELMED. DOD GOES OPAQUE. TRUMP-MILLER UP TO NO GOOD. DANGER. —-" tweeted McCaffrey, who is a well-known and highly-respected NBC News and MSNBC military analyst.

Last month (video below) McCaffrey expressed great concern about Trump getting rid of senior Pentagon officials – including his Secretary of Defense – and substituting them with top Trump loyalists. McCaffrey said he was "alarmed" with the shakeup.

"If I was a CIA officer trying to understand what was going on in a third-world country and I saw this pattern of behavior, I would say the strongman's trying to take over the government and defy an election."

Today's news is all the more concerning given that the only item on Trump's official schedule today is a meeting with acting Defense Secretary Miller.

Gen. Barry McCaffrey On Shakeup At The Pentagon: ‘Mark Me Down As Alarmed’ | Deadline | MSNBC www.youtube.com