CNN doctor fires back at Tucker Carlson with damning questions about his segments on COVID-19
Tucker Carlson Screen Capture

A CNN doctor is fed up with Fox News' Tucker Carlson's seemingly reckless coverage where the COVID-19 vaccine is concerned. Now, he's pushing back against the conservative news anchor.

On Friday, July 2, CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner took to Twitter with an assessment of Carlson's coverage as he posed a question to him, reports HuffPost. He tweeted, "Carlson seems hellbent on letting COVID go on as long as possible. He's "questioned" the safety of vaccines. Now he says masks are unsafe. Somehow he never seems to have an actual expert on his show to discuss."

In conclusion, he asked, "Is the coronavirus one of his sponsors?"

Carlson's latest criticism comes amid his repeated use of his platform to spew misinformation about key issues. From critical race theory to the coronavirus pandemic and the 2020 presidential election, Carlson has circulated a number of controversial conspiracy theories that have led to heightened scrutiny on social media.

Amid the pandemic, Carlson has repeatedly condemned mask-wearing while questioning the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines. Like former President Donald Trump, he has also pushed back against the scientific community. So his continued efforts come as no surprise.

Others also spoke out in agreement with Reiner's tweet. One Twitter user summed up Carlson's antics tweeting, "Carlson would say anything to provoke a reaction from his viewers. He's an instigator and a very dangerous man. I can't help but wonder how many of his viewers contracted coronavirus as a result of Carlson's rants."