At least, that's the conclusion I draw from this article by Ezra, which shows that we pay American doctors way too fucking much. I knew that already, but as Ezra says, you don't usually see prices written down during the health-care debate. And now that I have...well, damn. Are American doctors so personable that they're worth ten times as much as doctors in Spain?

As a couple of Ezra's commenters point out, there's only one real solution to the out-of-control pricing of health care services, and that's single-payer, which we aren't going to get, which is why even after whatever reform bill we get passes, nobody should stop agitating for more (shhhh...don't tell Republicans that little secret.) But for whatever reason, I'm always struck by the little things, and dammit, I'm not going to be able to abide listening to a bunch of MD's lobbyists crying about their crushing student loans.