WATCH: Anti-vaxxers get humiliated by The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper

In New York City, far-right anti-vaxxers and coronavirus deniers are furious with Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has ordered all public school employees in New York City to be vaccinated for COVID-19 and has mandated proof of vaccination for certain public indoor activities such as dining in restaurants. Comedian Jordan Klepper spoke to some of those anti-vaxxers for Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," showing just how ridiculous they can be.

At one of the anti-vaxxer protests against de Blasio, Klepper documented a heated disagreement between anti-vaxxers and proponents of vaccination. One of the pro-vaxxers noted that Florida Gov. Ron De Santis and Sen. Ted Cruz — two far-right MAGA Republicans who have fought against public health measures — "have both been vaccinated." And a badly uninformed anti-vaxxer replied, "Bullsh*t."

One of the anti-vaxxers Klepper interviewed was Vish Burra, vice president of the New York Young Republican Club and an ally of far-right Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida. When Burra argued that the United States' Founding Fathers would not support vaccine mandates, Klepper pointed out that the first U.S. president, George Washington, "had a vaccine mandate." And Burra responded, "I love the lore, but at the end of the day, we are the ones who have to deal with what is going on in America today."

Another anti-vaxxer told Klepper, "I try not to argue facts" when he made an argument for vaccination.

Klepper noted some of the absurd contradictions in the anti-vaxxers' arguments, asking a woman in a "F*ck cancel culture" t-shirt, "Maybe you can help me out. I've seen signs that say vaccine mandates are fascism, and also, signs that say vaccine mandates are communism. Which one is it?" When she replied, "It's both," Klepper explained, "Those are diametrically opposed ideologies."