WATCH: Florida chiropractor flees reporter asking why he's signed mask medical exemptions for 'hundreds' of students

Florida, which has been hit hard by the recent COVID-19 surge, is seeing some intense battles over mask mandates in public schools. Gov. Ron DeSantis, by executive order, has prohibited such mandates — and schools officials in Sarasota County are defying them, much to the chagrin of chiropractor Dan Bush. Things quickly became testy when CNN's Randi Kaye wanted to talk to him why he's signed medical exemptions for "hundreds" of Florida students.

Kaye wanted to know: "Are you examining each and every child? Are you putting child's lives at risk by signing these forms?"

When Kaye wanted to know why Bush wouldn't answer her questions, he angrily responded: "Because I don't need to."

Bush has claimed that he isn't "an anti-mask person" or "anti-vax person" but is a "pro-freedom, pro-choice person." But Sarasota County residents who favor a mask mandate for public schools argue that he is endangering the lives of students. In July, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that one in five new COVID-19 infections is occurring in Florida, where hospitals are being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

One of Bush's critics, who founded the group Stop the Spread, told CNN that he is being "absolutely irresponsible" by signing hundreds of mask exemptions for students in Sarasota County.

Bush's critics allege that he has been signing mask exemptions without even seeing the parents of the schoolchildren, which Bush flatly denies.

Watch the video below: