Watch: Herschel Walker declares himself 'a Warrior for God' in baseless attack on Barack Obama
Herschel Walker, who has lived in Texas for years, registered to vote in Georgia on Aug. 17. - Handout/Getty Images North America/TNS

Republican senatorial nominee Herschel Walker has spent four days attacking Barack Obama after the former President, campaigning for Democrats in the days before the midterm election mocked the former NFL star to a huge, laughing crowd.

“Why don’t he go back to wherever he’s from and get back in his million-dollar mansion,” cried Walker.

“Where has he been all this time, while people are dying on the street?” charged Walker, not explaining the allegation.

“Where has he been all this time while these gas prices going up?” he continued, again, apparently not aware former presidents have no ability to regulate the price of gas — a charge that, to Walker’s logic, could also be made of the man who not only endorsed him, but pushed him to run: Donald Trump.

“Where has he been all this time as people going to all the school system and our president call all the parents domestic terrorists,” Walker claimed, which is entirely false.

While Walker attacked former President Obama he neglected to mention his own massive financial portfolio, including his businesses that paid him more than $4 million in the last year – as he continued to give paid speeches while running for public office, something rarely done. (Republicans lambasted Hillary Clinton after she left office as Secretary of State, for giving paid speeches when she was a private citizen and nowhere near to declaring a presidential run.)

Walker has raked in well over a quarter million dollars for paid speeches alone while a declared candidate. The former NFL star charged tens of thousands of dollars per speech to several Boys & Girls Clubs, taking in nearly $100,000 from just those local organizations.