WATCH: New dashcam footage shows a shocked Madison Cawthorn after officer informs him his car is registered to his father

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) is facing intense scrutiny following the release of footage from his recent traffic stops. Over the last several days, the North Carolina Highway Patrol has released dashcam clips for two of three traffic stops involving Cawthorn following his most recent stop.

According to Queen City News of Charlotte, N.C., the first clip is from a traffic stop in Buncombe County back in October. The officer who facilitated the stop confirmed Cawthorn was pulled over for speeding. During that stop, the lawmaker was cited for driving 89 mph in a 65 mph zone. Cawthorn also did not have a valid driver's license at the time.

While speaking to the officer, Cawthorn claimed the vehicle was his, but the officer said otherwise after checking the vehicle registration. “It looks like it’s registered to, I guess, your dad,” the officer said.

“Is it really?” Cawthorn could be heard asking.

Another Cawthorn traffic stop video released

According to local law enforcement records, Cawthorn was also stopped for speeding back in Polk County, N.C., back in January. The dashcam footage for that stop, which was his second, has also come to light. At the time, he was cited by Highway Patrol State Trooper Mejia Chavez for "driving 87 mph in a 70 mph zone."

It features an excerpt of Cawthorn's conversation with the state trooper as he announced, “I’ve got a firearm in the car.”

“Where’s your firearm at?” the officer asked. “OK, just keep it up there.”

The January dashcam footage has drawn criticism as Cawthorn violated multiple laws including "driving a car not registered to him, was driving without a valid license" and speeding.

The latest release of dashcam footage comes weeks after Cawthorn's latest stop in Cleveland County, N.C.

Queen City News is now requesting dashcam footage for that stop, as well.

Last month, Cawthorn was stopped again after he allegedly drifted into the center lane while driving. As a result of that stop, the lawmaker was "charged with a misdemeanor for driving with a revoked license."

Queen City News obtains Madison Cawthorn traffic stop video