'We are going to find your houses': Woman leaves expletive-filled threatening message for school board (audio)
Moore County, North Carolina School Board

Police in Moore County, North Carolina are looking for a woman who left an expletive-filled voicemail for members of the school board, threatening she would "find you," "find your houses," and would be "coming after you." The woman who left the voicemail indicated she was angry about mask mandates in public schools.

"Hi," the voicemail begins. "I want to know why the [expletive] you think you can [expletive] intimidate parents over a mask mandate?" the voicemail says, according to WRAL (audio below).

"We are going to [expletive] come for you," the woman continues, threatening the board to "keep pushing this agenda and see what happens."

"Keep pushing this [expletive] because we are going to have your [expletive]," the voicemail continues. "We are going to find you; we are going to find your houses; everything ... play with us [expletive] you Nazi [expletive]. We're coming after you and we're not going to place nice you [explicative.]

Police say the voicemail was left in early September. They recently released the audio hoping it will lead to identifying the person who made the threats.

"MCS Chief of Police Arthur Frye said Monday that there is increasing uneasiness about security at the county's school board meetings and at similar meetings across the state and country," WRAL adds.

Conservatives in recent months have lied about and have used Attorney General Merrick Garland's memo, in which he asks the FBI "to convene meetings with federal state, local, Tribal, and territorial leaders" to “facilitate the discussion of strategies for addressing threats."

As NCRM previously reported last month school board members and educators in at least nine states this year have been targeted with threats, death threats, and often racist death threats, including in Virginia, Arizona, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Vermont.