'Worse than ignorant': 'Troll' MAGA congressman slammed over claim Biden is 'maligning the free press'
Doanld Trump and U.S. Rep. Jim Banks (Facebook)

U.S. Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), a far right-wing extremist who forged multiple congressional documents sent to federal agencies and voted to not certify the 2020 election, is under fire after criticizing President Joe Biden for maligning the free press while suggesting President Donald Trump never attacked the media.

Banks is an anti-LGBTQ activist, anti-science climate change denier, and opposes a woman's right to choose, Obamacare, and same-sex marriage.

On Monday during a hot mic moment, President Biden called Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy a "stupid son of a bitch." He almost immediately called Doocy directly to apologize.

But Banks retaliated by asking on Twitter, "Have we ever seen a President attack and malign the free press like Joe Biden has??"

The list of attacks on the free press by other presidents, but especially by Donald Trump, is almost endless. Trump's attacks were so dangerous an MSNBC embedded reporter had to have Secret Service agents escort her to her car as one of Trump's MAGA rallies came to a close after he directed his anger at her by name.

Even conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg criticized Banks, calling him a "troll."

And conservative journalist Charlie Sykes tweeted at Banks: "Beyond fuqqing parody."

Podcaster Andrew Wortman reminded Banks that Trump called a different reporter a "son of a bitch," too:

Many others vented their fury at Banks, offering a multitude of examples in response to his question.