‘Zero indicators’: There are ‘no signs’ DOJ ‘looking at Trump and his inner circle’ says top politico reporter
Jared Kushner and Donald Trump (Photo: White House)

Betsy Woodruff Swan, a top reporter at Politico, on Wednesday delivered the stunning news that she has seen "zero indicators" that the Dept. of Justice under Attorney General Merrick Garland is investigating Donald Trump, the former president – or any members of his inner circle for efforts to incite the deadly January 6 insurrection that for the first time in American history led to a non-peaceful transfer of power.

"I've seen zero indicators whatsoever," Woodruff Swan told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, "that the DOJ is investigating the people close to Trump and Trump himself in relation to their efforts overturn the election."

Referring to Dept. of Justice sources as "some of the leakiest people who have ever lived in all of human history," she noted, "I think we would know if DOJ were scrutinizing them."

After pointing to a local investigation into Trump's apparent voter fraud efforts in Georgia, Woodruff Swan added, "right now, no signs out of DOJ they are actually looking at Trump and his inner circle. No signs at this point that that's about to change."

A former federal and state prosecutor agrees: