Cenk Uygur accuses PBS of staying ‘neutral’ on Trump fan’s racist tattoos to appease donors
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Cenk Uygur criticizes PBS Newshour on March 17, 2016. (The Young Turks)

Young Turks host Cenk Uygur accused PBS Newshour on Thursday of failing to mention that an interview subject wore white supremacist-related tattoos out of a false sense of “neutrality.”

“They are desperate to call everything neutral — ‘We’re not biased against Republicans; don’t cut our funding, Republicans,'” he said. “‘Corporations, don’t cut the funding. We’re neutral, we’re neutral.”

The story, which aired on Tuesday, dealt with a North Carolina woman who was shown making calls on behalf of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

But PBS neglected to highlight the fact that she had a specifically-styled version of the number 88 — a numerical code for “Heil Hitler” — and a racist version of the Celtic Cross tattooed on her hands.

As the Washington Post reported, PBS added an editor’s note to the story after the tattoos drew attention.

“Ms. Tilly argues that these tattoos are not representative of neo-Nazi positions but are connected to her family’s Celtic religious beliefs,” the note stated. “That is what she told our producers as well. Others among our online commenters vehemently disagree.”

PBS also defended NewsHour’s reporting, stating that airing the story without narration by a correspondent “requires the audience to draw its own conclusions about what they see and hear, but we believe the audience is able to do so.”

But Uygur argued that PBS is not as neutral as viewers would like to believe regarding Trump, describing the story as “propaganda on his behalf” meant to humanize him.

“Like everybody else, they have corporate sponsors, too,” he said. “And they also have money coming in from the government so they [say], ‘I gotta be neutral. No matter what I gotta be neutral.'”

Watch Uygur’s commentary, as aired on Thursday, below.

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ESPN host Keith Olbermann on March 30, 2015. [YouTube]
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