Doctors starting to resent their unvaccinated COVID-19 patients: ‘You feel guilty for getting angry’

Novel coronavirus cases are once again surging in the United States, and medical experts say the vast, vast majority of people who are ending up hospitalized because of the disease are unvaccinated.

In interviews with The Atlantic, doctors and nurses who are treating COVID-19 patients in pandemic-stricken Missouri admit they're starting to resent people who have come down with the disease after having refused to get vaccinated.

Nurse Tracy Hill told the magazine that her "sense of hope is dwindling" and that she's "losing a little bit of faith in mankind" given how many unvaccinated people are winding up hospitalized after not taking the pandemic seriously.

Terrence Coulter, a critical-care medical director, similarly told the publication that he finds himself getting frustrated with unvaccinated patients.

"You're just angry," he said, "and you feel guilty for getting angry, because they're sick and dying."

And Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis, a worker at a St. Louis Veterans Affairs hospital, tells The Atlantic that most Americans don't appreciate the access they have to vaccines, which her relatives in Zimbabwe and South Africa would certainly take if they had the chance.

I'm a mom of a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old, and the daughter of family members in Zimbabwe and South Africa who can't get vaccinated yet," she said. "I'm frustrated, angry, and sad."

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