'Wish I had gotten the vaccine': Man recovering from serious COVID infection admits he made a big mistake
William and Rebecca Hughes (CNN).

On Thursday, CNN's Erin Burnett interviewed William and Rebecca Hughes, an Arkansas couple who contracted COVID-19 after declining to be vaccinated — which led to William being hospitalized.

They made clear they regretted not getting the vaccine.

"I appreciate you both coming on," said Burnett. "William, I know you're obviously still recovering... I know you decided not to get vaccinated because you figured you were young and healthy and had no underlying conditions, you weren't likely to get sick. How has this entire experience changed your view on things?"

"Basically, it's just made me wish I had gotten the vaccine," said William. "I mean, the vaccine may not have kept me from getting COVID, but it may have decreased greatly the pain and suffering I had to go through to get to the point where I am now."

"Rebecca, I know you also tested positive," said Burnett. "You obviously didn't get as sick as William. But you had a lot of worry. Some chest pains and things that persisted. I mean, how difficult was it for you?

"It was very difficult," she replied. "I had a lot of different emotions going on, worried about him obviously, worried about myself. Worried that I might get pneumonia and have to be admitted, and then our daughter not having either one of us, you know, here at home. So that was very scary."

Watch below:

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