Just dropping in a quick note to tell folks here that Pam's House Blend will be credentialed in the general pool at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver on August 25-28. Of course I will represent fellow Pandas on the road trip!

You can read the DNCC press release here, and the full list of credentialed blogs here. As far as commentary on the selections (or level of access issues discussed in prior posts), off the top of my head, I'm not surprised at most of the top-tier blogs, since traffic was one metric used; this is clearly a more diverse list, but are already discussions about who made this cut and speculation/curiosity about why. There's an article about the state blogs that didn't make the original cut -- some still have reservations about the difference in floor access that state vs. general receive, the same problem members of the Afrospear have cited numerous times. And there's some controversy about the selection criteria when it came to LGBT blogs as well, as Bil of The Bilerico Project points out.