imageTwenty dollars to the first person who can give any rational reason why Michelle Obama is mentioned in Maureen Dowd's latest piece.

This isn't even the failure to write something relevant (the entire article is basically a laundry list of Weird Things The French President's Wife Did), but Maureen Dowd's wholehearted failure as a person. When I saw The Happening, one of the reasons I saw it is because I really do enjoy watching people who've demonstrated some modicum of intelligence shoot for the moon in service of something obviously awful and fail. It's a spectacular sight, watching the step-by-step demolition of someone's meticulously executed plans under the crushing brunt of reality and good taste.

Maureen Dowd used to be that person, the too clever by half orchestrator of crazy shit...but at least it was crazy shit with a point. Having lost the Clintons as the background of her unyielding rambling, she seems to have become unmoored, looking for anything that potentially involves oral sex and a Democrat to write a column that's no longer even half clever.

I no longer wonder why the New York Times lacks the respect for their history necessary to fire Dowd and put in anyone or anything - the obituary editor, some classifieds, random pictures of squirrels in Central Park - that would restore a modicum of relevance to the space she occupies. I just wonder why Dowd lacks the self-respect to use the great gift she's been given to do anything worthwhile.