In all the discussion going into yesterday's primaries/super-delegate bonanza, the discussion about how "what everyone should remember is that Obama is unelectable, because of the defections from the Democratic Party that will take place if he's nominated" everyone conveniently forgot that McCain got the same rap, only more of it. Pam's post reminded me that Clinton supporters aren't the first ones to use the "I'll switch sides" slash-and-burn threat.

Commenters at Malkin's place:

McCain has major problems with Conservatives not stylish differences substansive differences. Hillary Clinton gets elected President she still has to work with two other branches of Government and I am not going to vote for McCain out of Fear. Maybe another Clinton Presidency will wake the Republicans up!

If McCain is nominated, I would vote for Hillary or Obama period (unless some 3rd party or Independent candidate became viable).

Oh yeah, I also refuse to learn spanish. I should not have to speak a foriegn tounge just to order a big mac. I already know all the spanish I want to.

“Donde esta banyo?” and “dos cervassa por vavor.”

Melanie Morgan, right-wing talk show host:

We conservatives will find it exceedingly difficult to motor to the polls if McCain is the nominee. We appreciate his valor, service and honor as the only Presidential candidate who served in the U.S. military. He fought valiantly for the United States in Vietnam, an unpopular war, and stayed strong under brutal attack by our enemies. Sen. McCain is a true wartime hero whom we will never forget. But that does not entitle Sen. McCain to our trust or support in his run for the presidency.

Ron Paul supporters:

Over 800,000 Republicans voted for Paul so far-- more than for Giuliani or Fred Thompson-- and his campaign raised over $32 million. Many Paul supporters say they are more likely to sit out the November election or vote for Obama than vote for McCain.

James Dobson:

Speaking as a private individual, I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances...

And on and on. I'm not sure I'd want to be known as "the James Dobson of the Democratic Party", but maybe that's just me.