I just want to believe this man was high or mentally ill because the abuse this two-year-old baby was subjected to is beyond belief. Sergio Casian Aguiar, a 27-year-old grocery store worker in Stanislaus County who had never been in trouble with the law before, not only kicked his child to death, his behavior was so unhinged that police had to take him out because he would have continued attacking the baby to get the demons out. (SFGate):

[Witness Deborah] McKain, of Crows Landing, said she drove past Sergio Aguiar's pickup Saturday night on West Bradbury Road and, at first, thought he was "kicking garbage or something." But she said her boyfriend, Dan Robinson, told her to back up and put her headlights on Aguiar.

"Sure enough, he was kicking a baby around," McKain said. She said the child was unconscious, his clothes falling off, and looked liked a "rag doll." Robinson, a volunteer fire chief in Crows Landing, showed Aguiar his badge and ordered him to stop, but Aguiar calmly said something like, "It's just trash," McKain said.

Aguiar also said, "Look how they make toys now," McKain said, and at one point asked Robinson for a knife.When Robinson went into the pickup to turn on the hazard lights, Aguiar stopped kicking the boy, helped him find the flashers, then went back to his attack, McKain said.

You just don't know what to say. Another slice of insanity is after the jump. And in McAllen, Texas, we've got a justice of the peace that allows parents the option of paddling their child in the courtroom. That got Gustavo "Gus" Garza in hot water when Mary Vasquez and Daniel Zurita filed a lawsuit against the JP. (The Brownsville Herald):

State District Judge Abel C. Limas, who asserted jurisdiction in the case, halted spanking as a form of punishment in Garza's courtroom on Wednesday. Limas pointed to the protection, safety and emotional well-being of children as his reason for approving the temporary injunction.

"I am encouraged that Judge Limas acted to protect the interests of the children of Los Fresnos," said Mark Sossi, the attorney who on behalf of three families requested that courtroom spankings be stopped.

..."Obviously, we had one judge acting outside his authority when forcing parents to spank their children in his courtroom," Sossi said. "It doesn't help the children with anything, and it contributes to a circus-like atmosphere in the courtroom."