This picture in honor of this awesome interview Lindsay did with Jeff Sharlet.

Ten songs at random from the iPod or other MP3 player. Leave yours in comments.

1) "Oh Cha Cha And Once Again Ladies"---Man Or Astroman?

2) "Tattoo"---The Who

3) "Top of the Pops"---The Rezillos

4) "Radar Love"---Archie

5) "Darkest Days"---Jackie Lee

6) "Six Days"---DJ Shadow (Soulwax remix)

7) "Broadcasting"---Diversion

8) "It's A Vanity"---Gabo & Orchestra Poly-Rhythmo

9) "Sex (I'm A)"---Lovage

10) "Simple Things"---Belle & Sebastian

Man Or Astroman? [youtube expand=1]

Soulwax remix of DJ Shadow

[youtube expand=1]

No cat pictures today---sorry I've been lazy about taking pictures---but I do have a funny story. I get up this morning and Molly is all lovey-dovey, rubbing my legs, putting her paws on me, asking to be picked up essentially. So I pick her up and she looks very pointedly at a specific spot on the ceiling. I look at the spot, and sure enough, there's a bug there. And she's trained me well in doing what she wants me to do in these circumstances. I lift her up over my head and she knocks down the bug, wherein I let her go on the floor so she can finish him off. It's not high tech extermination, but it works.

Moments like these remind me of a kung fu movie I saw in my misspent youth.

[youtube expand=1]

Yes, Crippled Masters, where a man with no arms teams up with a man with no legs to be an unstoppable fighting force. The parallels abound---a Feline-American with no height pairs up with a Blogger-American with no claws to become a single, unstoppable bug-killing machine. But really, it's more the move where one of the masters leaps onto the other's back to combine their might into one that reminds me of the "lift Molly over the head" maneuver. Naturally, our talents are less cinematic, and certainly less impressive. An echo, really, but at least Molly, being a cat, can't know the shame of her mediocrity.

Disclaimer: I'm not endorsing this movie. While the actors in it are talented beyond a doubt, there was an unsavory "freak show" element to it that was off-putting and probably offensive. I didn't enjoy it, but the creativity behind the teaming up fighting maneuver has been indelibly etched into my memory.