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Comment by syn on 6/19 @ 4:26 am #

‘It’s a matter of civil rights’

Homosexuals have always been able to marry, even have children, even divorce and marry again just not to a person who is of the same sex, and just like everyone else they cannot marry two people of the same sex or three or four and so forth.

What’s is a ‘gay’ anyway? Does that mean ‘two males engaging in sex with one another? And if that’s the definition of ‘gay’ and there is this thing called ‘gay marriage’ is it not discriminatory towards lesbians?

How come there is no ‘lesbian marriage’? Why are Marxist discriminating against females?

Lastly, how does gay prove they’re gay when they get a gay marriage license? I mean people have been having sex with people of the same sex since the dawn of time, however they don’t consider themselves gay..anyone can have sex with anyone….what makes gays so different that they need special laws just for them?

And what about my homosexual friends who don’t like gay and don’t believe in gay marriage and wish the gays would get over their rainbow and give my friends their lives back.

Do gays care at all about homosexuals?