imageNo More Mister Nice Blog points out that the new generation of fiercely independent rebel conservatives are actually just like the last few generations of fiercely independent rebel conservatives.

The funny part about the conservative movement is that it constantly requires a reinvigoration of their central myths - and the myths are ever-increasingly personal. The central caveat of modern movement conservatism is that you are what you believe. The Corner, for instance, isn't just a bunch of clueless and socially promoted gasbags who rationalize the oft-insipid things they say by pretending to be mental giants and paragons of gender identity...they largely seem to believe they are those things, the brilliant, virile he-men and proper, wry ladies of yore with the instantaneous ability to share their thoughts of legend with the world at large.

Your average conservative columnist follows that same sort of mindset - in war, they aren't distilling talking points into 750-word missives about how our nation must fight, they are the warriors. They aren't discussing the immigration debate, they're actively protecting our borders from racially ambiguous immigrants who all happen to come from Mexico.

In other words, they aren't actively engaging in a deceptive agenda, they're living it. It's admirable in a way, if you think about it. It allows the five conservatives a day the Washington Post seems to publish in its six columnist spots the temerity to declare that the media is biased against them, it allows Republicans to trample the Constitution while declaring themselves the upholders of its original intent to please Newt Gingrich, it allows conservatives who've been incessantly promoted by an ideological welfare system to be held up as models of the self made man (and/or the rare woman).

It's part of the reason that I still enjoy mocking conservatives as much as I do. It sometimes seems like shooting fish in a barrel, which I try to avoid as much as possible, but it's all self-reinforcing material in the method acting that is modern conservatism; your minor wingnut fantasy of today becomes your sternly accepted fact of CNN's political coverage tomorrow.

Long story short: fuck this static.