In my capacity as "a leading source of radical homosexual propaganda, anti-Christian bigotry, and radical transgender advocacy" and "wicked and sinful promoter of homosexual behavior", I am pleased to announce that we have strengthened our grip on New England. The Christian Civic League of Maine has given up the ghost on its efforts to repeal the state's LGBT rights laws, as well as and the campaign work to stop marriage equality and the ability of LGBTs to adopt.

"We’re pulling the plug," said Michael Heath, executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine. Heath said the evangelical group failed to attract voter, volunteer and financial support it needed to continue its campaign.

The group collected only a third of the 15,000 voters’ signatures it had set as a goal for primary election day June 10, said Heath. He added said that potential volunteers "don’t want to be aligned with bigotry and homophobia and hatred," tags their opponents had applied to the initiative backers.

..."This was a really broad attack on gays and lesbians and their families," said Betsy Smith, executive director of EqualityMaine. "Mainers are generally fair-minded and I think they sent a strong message on primary day."

Muhahahaha...Bonus checks are in the mail for all members of the Homosexual Agenda. Good work, team.