I find it rather easy to take glee when people who think they're being smart get caught doing dumb things. It's much harder to take glee when people who were doing dumb shit get caught, because it's just so obvious - like watching a baby carriage headed for a pit of spikes, if the baby was a middle aged man and the spikes were divorce.

You know that unidentified estranged wife of a Reno doctor that the governor of Nevada is not having an affair with?

Well, during one month last year he exchanged 850 text messages with her phone from his official state phone, at 15 cents per.

I'm not condoning adultery. I'm not approving of the lying and the extreme violation of trust involved in breaking monogamous bonds with someone you're supposed to have dedicated your life to.

But come the fuck on. Really? A state phone? And you're paying per text message?

Let's talk about the state phone thing first. You know the distinction between a state phone and a personal phone? The state owns the state phone. That means that anything you do on it, the state has the right to look at. Think about it this way - suppose you had a choice between using the state toilet, which all the millions of people in your state had a reasonable right of access to