Jonathan Martin, showing why the biggest thing McCain has to fear from the press is paper cuts from all the mash notes he's going to get.

I've written about this before and I think it gets to what makes McCain so appealing -- he's really not a typical, wind-up politician.

He did something similar last fall, promising to beat Hillary (!) "like a drum."

What I wrote at the time:

McCain, of course, is not given to such red meat rhetoric and has pointedly criticized his GOP rivals for ridiculing the senator. So I was intrigued enough to read the story beyond just the opening sentence that included that quote.

And sure enough, McCain couldn't keep up the joke.

"That's a line I used frankly in 2000 when I said I could beat Al Gore like a drum," McCain told reporters after his speech. "It got good coverage then."

I think it's sweet how no matter what McCain says, his friends always know who he really is underneath.

UPDATE: Also, when McCain is found to have blatantly contradicted himself on raising the Social Security cap:

ABC's Teddy Davis and Gregory Wallace find that, despite having criticized Obama for wanting to raise the income cap on Social Security taxes, McCain himself was once open to, you guessed it, raising the income cap on Social Security taxes.

On this and other issues, McCain is a victim of his own accessibility over the years: he's given so many interviews that oppo researchers and dogged reporters can find contradictions (real or close) in his record.

Only in Maverickland is someone a "victim of their own accessibility" because they just happen to say two things that happen to completely contradict each other. It's like when I was caught embezzling money that one time - I was just a victim of my checking account's capacity.