Yeah, and GWB has done a heckuva job for the country. Professional "Christian" and failed presidential candidate Gary Bauer opens his trap with this nonsense.

As Barack Obama continues to dominate head-to-head polls with Republican John McCain, many conservatives appear resigned to a November defeat with the hope that like Jimmy Carter, an Obama presidency will be so bad that he can be ousted after one term.

But Bauer, who is chairman of American Values, says the American public cannot afford to wait four years. "Today we're only one vote away from having a pro-life, pro-family majority in the Supreme Court," he observes. "If Barack Obama is elected, that opportunity will lost, I believe, for several decades."

..."We need to wake up before this election or we're going to find out that on everything we care about -- whether its same-sex 'marriage,' the sanctity of life, religious liberty, national security -- we're going to have every branch of government controlled by the far left with devastating consequences for our families and for our country," states Bauer.

Why the American Values chair thinks anyone takes him seriously at this point is laughable.

Bauer, in a sign from above that his movement is going in the crapper, plunges off the "Bisquick Pancake Presidential Primary Flip-Off" just before the New Hampshire primary in 2000 as he attempts to flip and catch a pancake.