imageI read the chapter on the Left and eugenics. It was dumb.

That this Planned Parenthood clinic meant for a Martin Luther King Boulevard in Portland is never built.

If you've read Jonah's Liberal Fascism chapter on eugenics and the Left, this might just give you chills:

The building's designer, Kip Richardson of Ankrom Moisan Architects, said he's stayed with the project despite the protests because Adamson is a long-term client who's developing an area where the city has had trouble attracting investment.

"He's really trying to do the right thing and improve that neighborhood," Richardson said.

To look at the original story, the builder for a retail space that would have included a Planned Parenthood clinic pulled out (pun...maybe intended?) due to concerns for his and his family's safety from anti-abortion protesters. The quote above is about a general desire to improve a run-down area, which in Librul Fashishm speak is "step up and eugenicize a neighborhood like a punk ass bitch". The more worrisome aspect here is, of course, the crazy-ass fundies who are scaring people away from performing legal activities through intimidation and gross stupidity:

Bill Diss, one of the organizers of the local protest, said the effort is designed to remind the businesses involved in the project whom they're working for. He called Planned Parenthood a "killing center" that targets young girls, teaching them about sex and masturbation, which he called "the gateway drug to lust."

"They're up in North Portland targeting young black girls to get them into a life of sex," said Diss, a science teacher at Portland's Benson High.

I hate to tell Bill Diss this (kiss Miss Bliss, Chris!), but in general, you go into a Planned Parenthood clinic after the sex - generally the masturbation doesn't come into the Planned Parenthood picture at all, which is actually a fantastic idea. I'd love it if we could start a nationwide effort, partnered with Kleenex, of course, to get our adolescents to pledge to pleasure themselves (and only themselves) until they were mature enough to pleasure someone else.

I'm also a bit curious about how Mr. Diss thinks lust works, and just how happy the potential Mrs. Diss is - scientifically speaking, how much sex and masturbation do you have to engage in before lust enters the picture? One abortion's worth? Two? Five?

Unfortunately, Margaret Sanger died before she could accomplish her final goal: genocide dildos. Sad, that.