Ten songs off your shuffle on your MP3 player of choice. Leave 'em in comments. Here's mine:

1) "Down But Not Yet Out"---Felt

2) "Lake Of Fire"---The Meat Puppets

3) "Die"---Bratmobile

4) "White Wedding"---Queens of the Stone Age (Billy Idol cover)

5) "Ever Fallen In Love"---The Buzzcocks

6) "Another Day"---Sludgeworth

7) "Repo Man"---Iggy Pop

8) "Marla"---Grizzly Bear

9) "Us And Them"---The Easy All-Stars (Pink Floyd cover)

10) "Rome"---les savy fav

For the 4th of July, what band is more all-American than the Ramones? Here's some Ramones animations to start the day off with a bang:

More under the fold, including a Ramones Godwin's violation.