My email and voicemail were full of reactions to today's Raleigh News & Observer's profile of me by Sadia Latifi, "Blogger gets respect: Durham resident writes on progressive issues." It's a good look at my blog, with quite a bit of personal background that people may not know about me -- my father's side of the family has deep roots in Durham's political history, and the reporter gave a good summary of it.

Actually, I didn't think most of the information I gave to Ms. Latifi would make it into the article. You know, you sit down with the reporter for a couple of hours and figure they'll pick a few quotes here and there and it will end up a little squib somewhere in the back of the paper, but it's a full-blown feature piece...with photos (argh!). But at least it gives non-bloggers a peek into my world. I have no idea what you all think, so I'm putting a post up for your reactions (both to the article and the info in it) because you don't see much coverage about bloggers in the MSM. Most of the time they try to make lefty bloggers look uncouth and insane. At least I escaped that trap. I had my sanity hat on the day I was interviewed.

It's pretty amusing that more people in the political world in DC know me because of my political blogging than people in my own state.