Sometime in the past three years, Kathryn Jean Lopez was given the green light to write columns for NRO. God help me if I know why.

Sure, many right-wingers were happy just to know that “El Rushbo” is making more than Katie Couric. “That could be me one day,” many surmise upon hearing news like that. With a little grace and hard work, maybe that kind of great success could be mine. Someday, that could be my son or daughter, if I teach them right. That sentiment — an appreciation of what’s possible in America, land of the free, which includes a free market — is at the heart of many Americans’ reaction to the news.

First, you probably have a better shot at becoming L'il Wayne than you do Rush Limbaugh - not because what Limbaugh does is so much harder, but because there are so many fewer people who do it with his audience. Or wait, is the "don't base your future hopes and dreams on being a celebrity superstar" only a message we send to the black community?

Second, who are these Americans sitting around smiling at their local newspaper when they read the news of a multimillionaire bloviator getting paid nearly half a billion dollars to continue doing something they, like 290 million other Americans, don't listen to? And how can I avoid them?